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Sustainable Energy

Geothermal energy is an environmentally friendly, renewable energy source with a consistent and stable resource base (24/7 Based Load), providing investors with long-term, reliable returns.

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Cutting-Edge Technology

Our closed-loop system offers superior efficiency and operational reliability, as well as reducing risk and maximizing performance.

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Economic Potential

Environmental Responsibility

Geothermal power generation is a growing sector with a promising market outlook, offering substantial growth potential for investors.

As investors, you'll play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a sustainable energy future.


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Proven and Expertise

GeoAgni has a expert team and working in geomechanics and deep HTHP well technology and a strong commitment to delivering on our promises.



With the new concept of closed-loop systems, scalability of this system can be exponentially performed for industrial power plants, also providing heating and cooling applications.

Press Release

Investment Opportunity

Join the Future of Clean Energy with Our Closed-Loop Geothermal Power Plant

Geothermal Energy in Thailand — GeoAgni, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, is pleased to extend a warm invitation to prospective investors interested in participating in an exciting venture poised to reshape the landscape of renewable energy. We are actively seeking strategic partners to join us in the development of a state-of-the-art Closed-Loop Geothermal Plant that promises to revolutionize the renewable energy landscape.

Investor Information Session:

We invite you to join us at an upcoming Investor Information Session, where you can gain deeper insights into this exciting opportunity. Learn about our project's scope, potential returns, and the impact of your investment on a sustainable future. The event will also provide a chance to meet our team and ask any questions you may have.

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How to Get Involved

If you're ready to be part of a transformative project in the renewable energy sector and would like more details on investment opportunities, please reach out to We look forward to discussing how your investment can make a meaningful impact on our planet while securing a bright future for you.

At GeoAgni, we believe that clean energy investments are not just about financial returns; they are investments in a sustainable and prosperous future for all. Join us in making a difference today.

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